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Our daily bread

Thanks to my friend Will who gave me some sourdough starter a couple of months ago. I’d read about making sourdough online and wanted to try to make it but somehow it seemed a bit tricky. Anyway I got started with the starter and made a few simple loaves with very little kneeding or effort, never weighing the ingredients just mixing flour, water and the magic starter until it felt right. I was mostly making them in a loaf tin so they were easy for toast etc. then this week I went for dinner at Will’s place and he’d made a beautiful free form loaf which inspired me to make the loaf above which is a mix of strong white and rye flours. It’s amazing how sourdough grows out of basically just flour and water! So simple yet so fulfilling to make. Don’t worry too much about the stater I use mine about once a week to bake a loaf and it always comes to life. And thanks to Will for the starter and for quietly inspiring me to make a better loaf. I hope this inspires you….


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