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Spicy fried egg salad (Yam Kai Dao)

Yam Kai dao This is a simple spicy Thai salad that you don’t always find in Thai restaurants, it’s served more often in pubs and bars. For two people I used 3 fresh eggs, laid by my hens, and fried them together in a wok with quite a lot of oil. You need to fry them until they are crispy and turn them over so they are crispy on both sides. I made a “yam” Thai spicy dressing with 3 or 4 small fresh small chillies from the garden (FTG) the juice of a couple of small (or one large lime) some light soy sauce and a teaspoon or two of sugar and a little warm water (that’s all four of the classic Thai flavours spicy, sour salty and sweet). You can vary the intensity of the different flavours according to your taste. Then I cut the eggs into bite sized pieces and chopped up a few cheery tomatoes and a couple of spring onions FTG  and mixed them all with the dressing and put them on a bed of fresh lettuce (you guessed… FTG) and then garnished the salad with some coriander FTG. The other day I added some roasted sesame seeds on the top, which my Thai guests found to be a good break from tradition. This is so simple and always goes down well. Give it a try!


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