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Sun-dried mushrooms


At the moment there are beautiful, fresh oyster mushrooms at our local market in Mae Rim and the afternoon sun is scorching so I decide to take advantage of these two things and make some sun-dried mushrooms. They are a tasty snack to have with a drink, but last night we had them with rice and other dishes as part of out main meal. They were really yummy. My partner Tom said I should start selling them which I can’t be bothered to do so how did I make them? I took a medium-sized bag of oyster mushrooms and tore them into think shreds and then put them in the sun on a baking tray. I left them in the sun for about three hours turning them a couple of times until they were semi-dried and reduced in size (see photo above). If it’s not hot were you are you can do this in a low oven so no excuses not to try! Then I mixed them with some sliced small red onions, a couple of dried chillies, some kaffir lime leaves, some shredded lemon grass, some cashew nuts and sesame seeds and some light soy sauce and mushroom (veggie) oyster sauce. I then fried these in the wok with quite a bit of oil somewhere between shallow and deep frying for a few minutes until they became golden and crispy. Finally I drained off the excess oil and that’s it a tasty treat. So why don’t you give them a go and post your comments below.


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