Cauliflower salad -spot the difference!


This is a good example of not being a slave to a recipe and being a bit creative in the kitchen, following your instincts and what you fancy eating and what ingredients you have to hand. These salads were made a year apart, both in January and both served in the same bowl!, when there is an abundance of flawlessly white caulis in our local market.

The first one on the left was made last year and it was the first cauliflower salad I made. I lightly cooked / blanched the florets of a large cauli which seems to make them whiter than white. I did the same with some green beans from the garden (FTG) and grilled some courgette slices on a griddle pan. I also fried some cashews to use as a garnish. So far both salads are the same. The difference was the dressing.

The first time I made this salad I had been given some delicious homemade pesto made by a friend’s mum and given to me by a neighbour so used this to make the dressing with some extra olive oil and lime juice. The second time I made the salad I went for a creamy Indian inspired dressing using mayonnaise, some curry powder, some dry roasted cumin seeds and some fried garlic. I also added sesame seeds , dry roasted in a pan, as a garnish along with the cashews. Both salads are essentially based on the same foundation but I experimented with the dressings. You might ask which was better? My answer would be both as they were both delicious, for me (and my friends). You might prefer one rather than the other but unless you experiment you won’t know…


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