Happy hens = tasty eggs


We’ve been keeping hens for a few years now, when I was a kid we had forty hens at home at one point! There’s nothing better than fresh eggs and we always have friends who want any of our oversupply. At the moment we have four hens who free range round our garden not only do they produce eggs but they eat bugs and are mobile fertilizer units! We get 2- 4 eggs a day, we’ve just had a broody hen who was sitting on the eggs all fluffed up not realising that without a cock not a lot is going to happen! She seems to have got over that now, hopefully she’ll get back to laying again soon. Fresh eggs are great for many things, apart from hard boiling as they are impossible to peel they need to be about 2 weeks old to peel easily which goes to show how old the eggs are in the shops, but I think I enjoy a fresh egg most when it’s simply poached.


My breakfast the other day, poached eggs sautéed cherry tomatoes (FTG) on homemade sourdough bread. I know some people have tricks for poaching eggs such as using a poaching pan to keep the shape, I prefer the free form look, or adding vinegar to the water, I think it contaminates the taste of the fresh egg. I just put a couple inches of water in a smallish frying pan and heat it up to almost a boil then break in two eggs and reduce the head and cover the pan. In the time it takes me to make my toast the eggs are perfectly done. I scoop them out with a slotted spoon, which I rest on a tea owl to absorb any excess water and then put them on my buttered toast. What could be easier?  The simple pleasures are often the best!

More on cooking eggs over on WOWJANE


5 thoughts on “Happy hens = tasty eggs

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