Thai Food

Leftovers lunch

Waste not want not! Whenever I cook a Thai meal there’s amost always some curry and rice left, obviously you can just reheat the curry the next day and eat it but another option is “Khao krook…” or rice mixed with… the first time I had this was in Samui and it was made with Massaman curry and it was really yummy after that I started making it myself. You don’t often find it on restaurant menus anyway. It’s so easy just put the curry in your wok to heat it up and evaporate off some of the moisture. Then add the rice, you won’t need any oil as the rice will ‘fry’ in the curry’s coconut oil. So just mix it all up and stir-fry it like normal fried rice until it’s hot and any liquid from the curry is dried out. It’s great on it’s own but it’s extra good with a fried egg on top. The one here, which I just had for lunch, is made with green curry, Paneng curry and Massaman are really good too. Give it a go!


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