Feta and wilted red amaranth leaf salad


After picking veg in the garden today, courgettes, rocket and cherry tomatoes, and going to the local market and finding red amaranth (they call it spinach here in Thailand) I decided to make a salad…


The red amaranth was a stunning colour, like red wine, it’s so vivid it must be good for you! It looked so fresh I couldn’t resist buying bunch. I grow the green variety sometimes and it is like spinach so I decided to wilt the leaves and use them as a bed for my salad. I grilled some courgette slices and halved the cherry tomatoes and sliced up a spring onion and some chopped dill all from the garden (FTG). I added a crushed garlic some  black olives and cubed feta and mixed them all together with some olive oil. I then placed this on the bed of wilted amaranth leaves and drizzled over some pomegranate sour sauce that Ann and Simon, my friends gave me last time I was in the UK. (You could use balsamic vinegar instead). It certainly made for a tasty and colorful salad. We had it with corn and courgette fritters for dinner tonight.



2 thoughts on “Feta and wilted red amaranth leaf salad

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