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Beet Bourguignon “copy”


I fully embrace copying dinner ideas so want to show you a dinner I recreated from one of my favourite veggie blogs Green Kitchen Stories. You can find the recipe here

On Valentine’s day a couple of years ago I decided to make this beautiful red beet bourguignon. It’s full of colour and flavor and a great meal to make when it’s cold. It’s boiling hot in Chiang Mai now so I won’t be making it any time soon but I know it’s cold in may other places now so you might want to try it. From the very start the colours are amazing … and they get more intense as you cook the dish.

184229_10151320220922523_1382079162_n 543609_10151320220822523_783556056_n

I’ve made it since on a cold December day for friends in the UK. That time I added more mushrooms (a couple of different varieties) which I think balanced out the flavours more for me. I love mushrooms! It’s Monday and I know some people go Meat Free on Mondays and this might be a great hearty dish to convert people to eating less meat. Try it and see what you think…


2 thoughts on “Beet Bourguignon “copy”

  1. I tried this last night to eat today, I didn’t have any beetroot so I used butternut squash, the gravy really developed overnight so by the time I ate it for lunch it was absolutely delicious – yum – thank you!

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