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Stir-fried instant noodles with loads of veg


A few friends have said they like the idea of my blog but although they love eating they don’t like cooking, or they only cook really easy things. So here we go…. “Mama Pat” or stir-fried instant noodles. I make this sometimes mid-week when we want something quick, easy and tasty. After doing this blog for 5 days we wanted something simple for dinner last night. At first I didn’t plan to share this… then I thought, why not? It takes less than 30 minutes to make including prep. I reckon I could make it in under 20 mins if I had to.


Just to prove that it’s more nutritious than it sounds above is  a picture of what went in my one dish meal for two. As you can see there’s plenty of fresh veggies here. Clockwise starting at 12 o’clock I used some shredded oyster mushrooms, some baby broccoli (blanched in the noodle water for a couple of minutes to speed up cooking time and make them vibrant green! You can put it in with the noodles when you pre-cook them), a small diced onion, two eggs, some sesame seeds, some chilli powder, a small block of firm tofu cubed, some spring onion flowers, coriander and tomatoes (FTG) and in the centre two packs of instant noodles (which I pre-boiled) and some sweet corn. Basically you can use the veg you like / have to hand.

I started by frying the tofu in a wok with about 2-3 tablespoons of hot oil for a minute or so (your standard vegetable oil is fine but sesame oil will give more flavor, but olive oil isn’t good for frying at high temperatures), keep stirring it so it gets evenly cooked.  Then I added the diced onion and continued frying for a minute or so. Next I added the mushrooms and garlic and fried for another minute and added some light soy sauce while this was cooking. Keep stirring as you fry everything. Then I added the baby, broccoli and the tomatoes and continued frying and stirring.


Next up the noodles and corn and then I cracked in the eggs and gave it a good stir and fried them all together for a couple of minutes. Then I added some veggie mushroom “oyster” sauce and finally the chopped up spring onion flowers and coriander. Keep frying until the eggs are cooked. If you like your noodles moist then add a little water (reserved from cooking the noodles) along with the “veggie” oyster sauce. Next time you are in a hurry, or can’t really be bothered to cook, try this one out.


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