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Stir-fried tofu, mushrooms and cashew nuts



This is a veggie alternative to the stir-fried chicken and cashew nuts which always seems popular with foreigners in Thai restaurants, although I hardly ever see Thais ordering it unless they have foreign guests! This combines three ingredients that I really like mushrooms, cashew nuts and tofu so although it’s not something I make that often I always enjoy it as part of a Thai veggie meal.

I put about a cup of vegetable oil in my wok and heated it up. Firstly, I fried a good handful of cashews until they were golden brown. I drained off the excess oil and put them aside.


Then I did the same thing with about 100 grams of cubed tofu.


Next I drained off the most of the excess oil and fried a smallish sliced onion until it started to soften and brown. Then I added about 150 grams of ereyngii mushrooms cut into quite big chunks (you can use other types of mushrooms these have quite a ‘meaty’ texture) and a couple of cloves of crushed garlic and stir-fried these with the onion. Next I added a couple of big dried red chillies, these are not very hot, and some light soy sauce and veggie mushroom oyster sauce and some pepper and a splash of water. This will create a gravy like sauce. Finally, I added some chopped spring onion flowers and stalks.


This dish is very quick and easy and delicious served with organic brown rice and other Thai dishes, maybe some fried greens and/or a “Gaen Jurt’ a consommé type Thai soup.


4 thoughts on “Stir-fried tofu, mushrooms and cashew nuts

  1. Sheila says:

    Made this for Pash and the girls today with smoked tofu (that’s what was in the fridge) and served it with a rice and an aubergine dish from Ottolenghi’s Plenty More (p52 & 54). Your dish won hands down!!! Will definitely be doing this on a regular basis. Thanks Clyde x

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