Celery, potato and stilton soup


I’m in England now visiting my family and it’s pretty cold so I decided to make a nice hearty soup for my parents. Mum had a bunch of celery so I thought a celery soup would be good to warm us up.

Firstly, I sliced the stems of one bunch of celery and sautéed them in butter and a little oil and a good pinch of salt. I then peeled and chopped a couple of potatoes into small pieces and added them to the saucepan and sautéed them together until all the liquid evaporated and there was a little browning on the bottom of the pan.


Next I covered the vegetables with stock and some pepper and put the lid on the pan and simmered them for about half an hour until the potatoes began to soften and break down. Then I added about 60mls of cream and about 80 grams of crumbled stilton to the pan and heated the soup through. I served the soup with freshly baked sourdough bread.



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