Veggie mains

No bake Mac & Cheese

I’ve had a really full-on week and have had no time to shop or cook so this evening although I was pretty exhausted I fancied some comfort food at home. I stopped at our weekly evening market on the way home and brought some baby broccoli and some oyster mushrooms.  This really hit the spot! The cream cheese and wine make a quick alternative to a be bechamel sauce, the grated cheddar adds some lovely chewiness, and the crispy garlic mushrooms make a great substitute for the yummy crispy cheese you get on the top of an oven baked pasta dish. Not to forget the broccoli which gives you one of your five-a-day and adds some colour to the dish too.

As soon as I got in I put a pan of water on to boil and went and had a super quick shower. Then I chopped up some of the mushrooms and fried them in olive oil with some garlic. While I was going this I opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass and put the pasta in the pan. Once the mushrooms were crispy I put them in a bowl and put a generous amount of cream cheese in the frying pan with a slosh of wine and some pepper and salt and heated this up. While this was happening I chopped up the broccoli and put this in the pasta pan. Next I added some grated cheddar cheers to the sauce. The pasta and broccoli were done so I drained them and added them to the sauce and gave them a good stir, put it in a bowl and sprinkled on the mushrooms.

A shower, dinner and my first glass of wine all in 20 mins. Not bad going!


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