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Mulberry gin

It’s mulberry season here in Chiang Mai and there’s lots of yummy things you can do with them. Last year I tried making mulberry gin as I love sloe gin, but we don’t have sloes here. It was really good. Just put about 600-700g of mulberries in a big jar with 100-150g of sugar. I used about 100g as I don’t like sloe gin when it’s too sweet and this worked perfectly. Then cover with a liter of gin (or vodka if you prefer) and leave it for about 4 months. The colour will seep out of the berries into the gin infusing it with their colour and flavour.

Then strain the gin and decant it into bottles. You can eat the alcoholic berries too! It’s great served as a long drink with ice and soda or as a christmas cocktail added to a glass of prosecco.



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