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Sesame crusted tofu with chargrilled broccoli 

This is a quick and easy dish. The sesame seeds give the dish a great flavour and the tofu and broccoli go really well together. I served it with sticky rice an ‘nam prik num’ (northern chilli paste) it would also go well with regular brown rice, my spicy aubergine dip, or Siracha sauce.
Start by making a marinade for the tofu. I used a thumb sized piece of ginger, a couple of cloves of garlic and a few pepper corns and pounded them together and added a tbs of light soy sauce and a tbs of veggie mushroom ‘oyster’ sauce, and a small beaten egg (optional). I then chopped two blocks of firm tofu into cubes (about 2-3cms) and put them in the marinade.
I then blanched some broccoli florets (from 2 / 3 heads) and the drained them and dry fried them in a hot wok until they were a bit charred.
I put these on a serving dish then put a cup of oil in the wok and heated it up. Then I took the tofu out of the marinade and rolled it in sesame seeds and deep fried it in the oil until golden and crispy and then drained off the excess oil and served it n top of the broccoli, sprinkling over any extra of the roasted sesame seeds from the wok. Any leftovers can be turned into a yummy salad too. (We ate the whole plate so next time I’ll make more!)

4 thoughts on “Sesame crusted tofu with chargrilled broccoli 

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