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Pad Kaprao – tofu & mushrooms

Pad Krapao 1

‘Pad Kaprao’ is a great Thai ‘one dish’ meal spicy and satisfying which is often eaten for lunch, usually with a fried egg (if you are vegan just omit the egg!). Instead of chicken my version is made with tofu & mushrooms.  ‘Karpao’ is Thai holy basil which has a distinctive spicy flavor, the purple version self-seeds and grows like a weed in out veggie patch. This dish is really quick and easy to make and this recipe makes 2-3 servings.

I started by putting some organic red/brown rice on to cook. When the rice was almost cooked I cut a block of firm tofu (150g) into small cubes which I fried until golden.


Then I took the tofu out of the wok and fried 100g of chopped up mushrooms and about half a dozen sliced red shallots (or you can use one medium-sized red onion instead) about 3 or 4 cloves of crushed garlic and about 4-5 small spicy Thai chillies (prik kii noo) crush these under the flat blade of a chopping knife to release the flavour when cooking (this is better than pounding them as if they are too spicy you’ll be able to avoid eating them easier!). I fried these together for a minute or two then added about 70g of chopped green beans and some light soy sauce and veggie (mushroom) oyster sauce and a splash of water and fried for another minute or so then added a handful of holy basil leaves.


I served this over brown rice with a free-range fried egg. Thais fry eggs in the wok in quite a bit of hot oil until the egg white gets a bit crispy. Any leftovers of rice and krapao make a great spicy rice salad too!


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