Chopped veggie and lentil salad

chopped salad

Photo Marisa Marchitelli

I made this salad to serve with a Spanish omelette. It’s my own creation but I know that in Spain they use quite a lot of lentils in their cooking so I thought it would go well.

I started by blanching some baby broccoli spears which I then left to cool. In a mixing bowl I added a finely chopped medium-sized red onion, half a grated carrot, some chopped celery and the celery leaves (I used small Chinese celery as that’s what we get here in Thailand) a few chopped tomatoes and some chopped cucumber and some dill. I added some extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar and seasoned it with salt and pepper and mixed it all together.

I washed some lettuce and put this as a bed on a large, shallow serving bowl and then arranged the broccoli around the edges and then piled the salad mixture up in the middle. This salad is pretty substantial and could easily be a meal in itself, perhaps you could add some feta cheese, or hard-boiled eggs…


I served this with a Spanish omelette, multigrain sourdough bread and some cheeses and chutney all washed down with white wine sangria.

P1020584 P1020604


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