Halloumi salad with lychees & watermelon


I fancied a really refreshing salad and wanted to use some ingredients I already had at home, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber and I’d just bought some lychees which have just come into season here planning just to snack on them but then decided to add them to my salad too and they brought a lovely sweet juiciness to the salad. I just made a single serving of this salad for my dinner last night.


I washed some lettuce and put it in a bowl then made peeled ribbons from a cucumber with a potato peeler. Then I added a copped tomato, some chunks of watermelon and about 6 lychees which I deseeded and tor in half. I then cooked 5 strips of halloumi cheese on in a non-stick pan until golden. I added these to the salad and then added some chopped dill and minty and drizzled it with olive oil and pomegranate sauce and seasoned with salt and pepper. It was really refreshing. It would go really well with white wine sangria.


I’ve made it again with feta cheese which is also very good.P1020775A beautiful ‘copy’ made by Lucy Quinnell in Leatherhead.


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