White wine sangria


It’s been so bloody hot here for ages and I was having people over for a Spanish inspired meal and wanted a refreshing drink to start the evening. I’m no sangria expert but made this and it was really refreshing and got the party going…

I chopped up some fruit an orange, an apple and some watermelon (peaches, fresh lychees or cucumber would be good too) then I put these in a large ice bucket and added about a cup of Martini Rosso and a cup of vodka (I used raspberry Absolute). I left these for an hour or so then added 2 liters of chilled white wine (or 3 bottles) and a liter of sprite, you could use a cloudy traditional lemonade if you prefer. I then served it with lots of ice. You could also add some mint leaves if you have them…



5 thoughts on “White wine sangria

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