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Spanish omelette / tortilla


I know that this is a dish that is sacred to many Spaniards and I’m sure I don’t do it justice but I do love it and as I don’t live in Spain I do make it myself occasionally and have served it to a Spanish friend before (and he ate it). This is a 10 egg omelette and will serve about 8 people.

I start by peeling and slicing about 300g of red onions which I fry on a low/medium heat in olive oil until they begin to caramelize.


While these are cooking I peel about 600g of potatoes which I slice quite thinly and then parboil in salted water for about 5-7 minutes. I then drain and cover these, to stop them discoloring. Once the onions begin to caramelize I add the potatoes and fry for a while so they are coved in oil and absorb some of the onion flavours. You may need to add some more olive oil at this stage.


While they are cooking I crack and beat 10 free range eggs and season them with salt and pepper. I level out the potatoes and onions in my frying pan, which is about 24cms across, and then pour over the eggs and agitate the pan a bit to make sure the egg seeps through to the bottom of the pan. I then turn down the heat to low and allow the omelette to cook slowly. For smaller omelettes I turn them over by turning the omelette out onto a plate then flipping it on to another plate and putting it back in the pan for the other side to cook. For large omelettes like this one I finish the top of under the grill then turn it out onto a serving plate once it is cooked through. You will need to run a knife round the side of the pan before turning it out. I served this with aioli (mayonnaise with crushed garlic) to which I added fresh dill. It’s great with some fresh bread and a good salad, I served it with a vegetable and lentil salad, and white sangria.


chopped salad P1020592


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