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Homomade fruit compote


If you have too much fruit to eat fresh and don’t have enough fruit / time to make jam then fruit compote is your answer. The fruit will then keep quite a while longer and can be added to yoghurt of other things.

Mulberry, apple & cinnamon compote


I picked quite a few mulberries the other day but wanted to eat them in a few days when I had a friend visiting so I decided to make a compote with them. I put a bowlful of mulberries with a splash of water and a tbsp. or two of sugar (you can adjust this to your tastes) and a chopped up apple and a cinnamon stick into  a saucepan and simmered the fruit until it became soft and some of the liquid had evaporated  (about 15mins) then I put the compote in a jar and allowed it to cool before putting it in the fridge. Super easy & super yummy! I had some of it with pancakes and yoghurt for breakfast with my friend.

Mango, passion fruit & ginger compote

The mango season is in full swing here in Chiang Mai so I’ve made a compote from mangoes with passion fruit and some grated fresh ginger. The ginger gives it quite at kick so add as much as you think you’ll like. I used about 2tsp of grated ginger. This needs very little (or no sugar) as the mangoes are so sweet.



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