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Ricotta & spinach balls


I made these for lunch today from some leftover ricotta and spinach I had from making pizzas. They make a great lunch / brunch / snack and are really quick and easy.

In a frying pan I fried a finely chopped medium sized onion and a couple of cloves of crushed garlic until soft. Meanwhile in a mixing a bowl I beat a free-range egg added about a cup of ricotta cheese, a cup of cooked, chopped spinach (with any excess liquid squeezed out) a cup of fresh, soft whole meal breadcrumbs a good pinch of salt and some freshly ground pepper and some freshly grated nutmeg. I added the onions to the bowl and mixed everything together. Then I formed the mixture into golf ball sized balls it will make about 10 – 12, enough for two people. I then shallow fried them in oil until golden a crisp on the outside and severed on a bed of salad with my homomade tomato sauce. Super easy and very tasty!



2 thoughts on “Ricotta & spinach balls

  1. Bambi Hartter says:

    I saw your meatball recipe and it looks great, I though I might make them this weekend but why are you calling them “Homomade”? I am hoping this is a typing error.


    • Thanks Bambi, I hope you like them. It’s not a typing error, “homomade” is defined by the urban dictionary as “Any food made by a homosexual. Usually better than homemade.”


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