Thai Food

Veggie jungle curry

jungle curryI made this while staying at our ‘shack’ in the mountains (near the jungle) last week my kitchen there is very basic and there aren’t any scales so no weights here, but this is a curry to make with what you have a bit like minestrone soup so mix and match and see what you get. It should be pretty spicy with clean flavours of spice and herbs and makes a great change from coconut milk based Thai curries.

I started by frying a block of firm tofu until golden, then I set it aside. I chopped an onion and a pepper and fried these and some mushrooms and added a couple of cloves of crushed garlic and some Chinese (small) celery and cooked these. Then I put the tofu back in the wok and added a couple of tbsp of red curry paste and some soy sauce a little dark and some light too and fried this until everything was coated in the chili paste.


Next I put this mix in a saucepan and added enough water to cover it and put in some chopped pumpkin and carrot pieces, a couple of bunches of fresh green peppercorns, some torn kaffir lime leaves and a handful of grated krachai “lesser ginger root” this really gives the curry it’s distinctive flavor if you can’t get this try some galangal instead. I brought it to the boil and then added some Thai aubergines the very small pea sized green ones and the golf ball sized light green ones (cut in half) and some cut green beans. I then added some Thai basil both types (sweet and holy) and some coriander and dill and simmered the curry till everything was cooked.

IMG_3360It’s actually best if the curry then sits for a few hours or overnight so the flavours develop. I served the curry with a Thai omellete and rice on the terrace of our shack.



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