Something fruity, Something sweet

Mango & passion fruit desserts

IMG_3802We’ve still got lots of lovely mangos here so today I made individual tifle-style desserts with mango and passion fruit.

I started my making some custard and the when it was cooked added small pieces of chopped mango to it and covered it with cling film (to stop it forming a skin) and allowed it to cool down but not set. Next I cut a round of butter cake / vanilla sponge to fit in the bottom of a glass. I then mixed some of my mango and passion fruit compote with some spiced rum (Cointreau would work well too) and spooned this over the cake. Then I spooned over a layer of cooled custard and then put the desserts in the fridge to cool completely. To serve, on top of the custard, I put some fresh mango pieces and some passion fruit pulp and a large spoonful of slightly sweetend whipped cream and garnished the desserts with some fresh mint leaves.



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