Veggie mains

Cheat’s fondue

This is simple & delicious and makes a light meal served with a salad. Just take a small Brie or Camembert cheese, take off ant plastic wrapping. If it comes in a wooden box leave it in that and wrap it in foil, pouring a little  white wine over it. Mine didn’t so I put it in a mini Le Creuset pot my sister gave me. Then put it in a hot oven, 200 degrees C, for about 20 mins until the cheese is hot and melted. After 15 mins warm your bread in the oven. Serve hot with the bread to dip in the molten cheese. I also served mine with a homomade plum jam (optional), roselle jam or cranberry sauce would be perfect too, and a beetroot and broccolini salad.

From Vegetarian Party Food by Celia Brooks Brown (sadly out print).


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