Something fruity, Something sweet

Frozen fruity yoghurt cheesecake


This is an easy “cheesecake’ to make in the summer and always “Wows” whoever is lucky enough to get a slice. It’s pretty healthy too. This will make 6 -8 servings. I adapted this from Green Kitchen Stories.

I make a biscuit base using about 300g of digestive (or ginger) biscuits which I grind in my food processor, sometimes I add some oats or seeds to the mix too. I melt about 75g of butter and mix in the biscuit crumbs and press these into a greased 24 cm tart tin. I then put this in the fridge while I make the topping. For this blend about 300g of fruit I have used either strawberries of mango (but other berries or peaches would work well too) until it becomes a pulp and add about 5-8 tbs of honey depending on how sweet your fruit / tooth is. Then add 300ml of thick (greek) yoghurt and 200ml of either mascarpone cheese. You can substitute the mascarpone for whipped cream which makes a lighter cheesecake but both are delicious. If you use whipped cream then fold this into the yoghurt & fruit mixture at the end. Next pour this over the base. For the one pictured above I mixed the pulp of two passion fruit with a tbsp. of honey and drizzled this over the cheesecake before freezing it.


Freeze for a couple of hours (or more) and then bring it out of the freezer about 15 mins before serving so it’s not too hard and decorate with fruit and / or edible flowers.


This is a strawberry one I made for my niece, Josie’s, birthday a couple of years ago.


Thanks to Paul Swann for the pictures of the mango cheesecake.



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