Savoury sesame eggy bread


I seem to be having this for breakfast quite regularly at the moment so thought I would share it. I also wanted to use my new tea towel, thanks Tom! I love ‘eggy bread’ but really like the  extra flavour and crunch the sesame seeds bring to it.

For one I beat two smallish free range eggs in a bowl and add a splash of light soy sauce, and a small crushed clove of garlic (optional) and some pepper and then I mix in about a tablespoon of sesame seeds, black or white or a mix. Then I heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan and cut 2-3 thickish slices of bread and cut them in half and then dip them in the egg mixture coating them and pop then in the pan. You can drizzle any leftover mixture over the cooking bread.


Fry on each side until golden brown. I serve them hot with my homomade tomato sauce and a cup of tea. It’s good with Siracha sauce too!


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