Thai Food, Veggie sides

Stir-fried tofu & bean sprouts 

This makes a quick and easy lunch or can become part of a larger Thai feast depending on your mood.

For one dish, that can be part of a larger meal, or a simple lunch for two start by chopping a block of firm tofu into rectangular pieces and shallow fry this in a wok until golden and remove from the oil and set aside. Then fry a couple of cloves of crushed garlic until it begins to cook and add about a dessert / cereal bowlful of bean sprouts and a couple of sliced spring onions. You can also add some fine slivers of a large red chilli “Prik chii fah” (non-spicy kind) if you like. Stir-fry these until they begin to start to soften then add the tofu back into the wok and add a good splash of light soy sauce and some vegetarian mushroom “oyster” sauce and some ground white pepper. Fry for a minute or two making sure there is still crunch in the bean sprouts and serve. As a one plate dish serve with organic rice and a fried egg for a simple and nutritious meal.


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