Veggie mains

Nut & mushroom roast (dinner)


Nut roast is a classic veggie Sunday lunch which I have been eating for over 30 years. In Thailand I don’t make them that often but occasionally I really fancy a roast dinner. The recipe can be adapted using different nuts and / or vegetables you can reduce the amount of mushrooms and add some grated carrot or courgette or some fried red peppers it’s really depends on what you like and what you have available.

For four servings I used 300g mushrooms (I mixed a couple of varieties including shitake which have quite a strong flavour and aroma), 250g nuts (I used 100g of cooked chestnuts, 50g of peanuts and 100g of cashews), some sesame seeds, 100g of whole meal breadcrumbs, 1 medium onion, two cloves of garlic, some mixed herbs and some flavouring (I used marmite,  mushroom soy sauce and truffle oil).

I started by chopping in a food processor the onion and about 100g of the mushrooms (so that they were quite well chopped but still in pieces and added them to the onion) and fried these in some oil (if you are using some red pepper this can be added now). I then blended to a finer consistency the garlic, chestnuts and the rest of the mushrooms  to form a kind of thick pulp and added this to the frying pan (if you are using grated carrot or courgette it can be added now) with a splash of light mushroom soy sauce, 1/2 tsp of marmite and a good pinch of mixed herbs and some ground black pepper and fried the mixture for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, if it becomes too dry and starts to stick add a little water. Meanwhile I ground the nuts and the breadcrumbs. Then turn of the heat and mix in the dry ingredients. They will absorbed any moisture from the fried mushroom mix. If the mixture seems too dry and crumbly add a little water, but not to much, just enough to get the mixture to bind together.

Then I put the mixture in a greased oven dish I like my nut roast crispy on top so don’t make a thick loaf style roast I prefer it to be about 3-4 cms thick. I then drizzled some truffle oil on top, just because I had some in the fridge I don’t usually do this, and then sprinkled on sesame seeds. It needs to be baked in an oven at about 175 degrees C / 350F for about 45 mins. If you are roasting potatoes in a hotter oven then put the nut roast on a lower shelf for about 30 mins. It should be crisp on top and the sesame seeds should be golden brown.

Nut roastI served this with roast potatoes, baked cauliflower and leeks, red cabbage and cauliflower and leak cheese.


For the baked cauliflower and leeks I parboiled the cauliflower whole for a few minutes (its best not to overcook it at this stage as it still needs to be baked in the oven), while I was doing this I made a white sauce, I briefly added the leeks to the cauliflower and then drained them and put them in an oven proof bowl and poured over the sauce and topped with some grated cheese and then baked it along with the nut roast until brown on top.

Any leftover nut roast is good served the next day with a salad.

Nut roast salad


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