Something fruity, Something sweet

Black forest trifle


The last time I tried to make a Black Forest Gateaux it turned into an avalanche cake, it cracked and fell apart, so I thought that making it in the confines of a bowl as a trifle might be a safer bet. It worked really well and looked so much more pretty!

So what will you need?

  • plain chocolate sponge
  • half a jar (or a bit more) of morello cherry jam
  • a cup (or more) of pitted dark cherries in light syrup / juice
  • 4 (or more) tbsp. of kirsch
  • 500ml whipping cream
  • some dark chocolate to decorate

so what do you do?

I made a simple chocolate sponge in two cake tins, you can use shop bought sponge if you prefer. Ideally you’ll need at least 3 layers of sponge so if to make a them yourself you can either make three thin ones or cut thicker ones in half. First I put a layer of sponge in the bottom of my trifle bowl. Then I mixed some of the juice from the cherries and the kirsch with the jam to make it runny and smeared a third of it over the sponge and then sprinkled over a third of the cherries. I then spread over about a quarter of the whipped cream and repeated this two more times, keeping more cream for the topping. I then grated some dark chocolate on the top and covered it in cling film  put it in the fridge of a few hours before serving. It’s delicious and can be made a day ahead if you prefer.


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