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Quesadillas (& homomade flour tortillas)

These make a great brunch / lunch full of healthy ingredients and really yummy. I find them easier to ‘handle’ when eating than wraps, which seem to unwrap, or the contents squish out, as I try to eat them.

To make two quesadillas, which should serve two people, you will need to make 4 flour tortillas. Put 1 cup of plain flour (I use bread flour but I am sure any plain flour is okay and you can mix in some wholemeal flour if you like) in a bowl and add a couple of tbsp of vegtable oil a good pinch of salt a scant 1/2 tsp of baking powder and some warm water, about a third of a cup, and mix together to form a dough, add a little more water or flour if necessary. Then kneed the dough either in the bowl, with a little flour or on a floured work surface. Work it for a minute or so until it becomes mailable. Then divide it into four balls about the size of golf balls and in the bowl cover with some cling film, or a plastic bag, with a little oil on it an leave it to rest for about 20 mins. Then roll each ball out on a floured work surface to about 20 cms in diameter. Heat a heavy based frying pan at least the size of your tortillas and place one in the dry hot pan and cook for a minute or less on each side until these are some golden spots on it. Do this for the other tortillas. These are great with veggie chilli too or to make any wraps you like.

To make the quesadillas heat an oven and once you have two tortillas cooked sprinkle them with some grated cheese and put them in the oven while you cook the top tortillas. You will need an advocado and a tomato (both ripe, large and sliced) some sliced red onion or spring onions, some coriander leaves and some plain youghurt (or sour cream) you can also add some chilli sauce like Tabasco. Once the top tortillas are done take the cheesey ones out of the oven and then assemble the other fillings on them and grind some pepper on them. Then just put the top tortillas on and cut them into quarters and enjoy! You can vary the fillings melted cheese and garlic mushrooms is very good too.


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    • Thanks. I’m not sure about printing from the blog. I guess you can just print the page or if you just want the text copy and paste it into a word document and then save / print it. Hope you like them!


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