Salads, Something fruity

Pomelo and avocado ‘retro’ salad

This is a salad I used to make quite often a few years ago and somehow I stopped making it until I saw pink pomelos being sold along with avocados at the stall at the end of my road. It’s a kind of retro salad that reminds me of prawn cocktails and avocado salads from the ’70s, but it’s really delicious with a good balance of flavours and textures. If you can’t get pomelo you could try making it with garprefruit or orange depending on how sour you like things. The recipe below made one big portion, which I had for lunch, it could easily be divided into two as a starter.

I took the flesh from 4 juicy segments of pomelo (you would probably need 6 segments if you used grapefruit and probably a whole orange) and broke it into pieces in a bowl. (I reserved a little pomelo to use as a garnish as it was so pretty and pink.) Then into the bowl I added a heaped tbsp of mayonnaise and just over half a tsp of curry powder and mixed it together. Then I added a chopped medium tomato (you could also use a few cherry tomatoes), about 5cms or so of cucumber chopped into pieces, some sliced red onion (or a spring onion or two), a few coriander leaves, and the flesh of a ripe avocado in chunks. I mixed it all together and then served it on / in a bed / nest of lettuce and garnished it with some more coriander and a few lightly roasted sesame seeds. I have also garnished it before with roasted grated coconut flesh or crispy fried shallots all work well. I had it for lunch with some sweet potato chips which nicely counterbalanced the sourness of the pomelo.


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