Thai Food

Veggie Khao Soi noodles


Khao Soi noodles used to be treat when I came up to Chiang Mai, somehow they never tasted so good in Bangkok. Now I live in Chiang Mai I seldom have them as most veggie versions contain fake meat which I don’t like but they do great ones in Pun Pun restaurants and when I did a 10 day ‘Food Matters’ course a couple of years ago at the Pun Pun farm they were one of the many delicious dishes we had there. This recipe is based on Yao’s recipe in her amazing book ‘The Yao of Cooking’ such a beautiful, hand bound book which includes many Pun Pun favourites.

This recipe will give you 4 good servings. I started by frying a largish red onion in coconut oil to this I added about 200g of sliced eryngii mushrooms (or other meaty mushrooms) to this I added cubes of firm tofu (one block). I fried fora while until the tofu and mushrooms started to brown then added a couple of tbsp of light ( mushroom) soy sauce and about 3 – 4 tbsp of Kao Soi curry paste (if you can’t get this then use Panang curry paste). I continued frying until everything was coated in the curry paste. Then I put this in a heavy bottomed saucepan and added about a liter of coconut milk. I used fresh coconut milk from the market and asked for it to be watery so I has a lighter milk about half the thickens of packet or tinned coconut milk. If you use tinned then 500mls should be enough and make up the rest with vegetable stock. I added a heaped tsp of regular curry power about 200mls of vegetable stock and then added 200g of oyster mushrooms that I tore into strips. I then brought this to the boil and simmered for about 30 mins or so to get a rich broth. You an taste and adjust the seasoning adding more soy sauce or curry paste if necessary. I actually let mine stand for a few hours and then reheated later, like most curries this tends to improve the flavour.

Then you need a pack of fresh yellow (egg) noodles (about 500g) take about 100g and fry them in oil until crisp and put to one side. I also fried some dried chillies (normally Khao Soi is served with a dark chilli paste make of roasted dry chillies and oil but I just used fried dry chillies, which look good, and can be crumbles into the noodles to spice them up). Then boil 300-400g of noodles, depending on how hungry you are. If they are dusted in flour then you can rinse them first. They don’t take long to cook about a minute in boiling water. Then divide the boiled noodles between 4 noodle bowls and ladle on the curry broth and mushrooms. Then top with some crispy noodles and some sliced small red shallots and garnish with a fried chilli and some coriander leaves. Serve with a wedge of lime.



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