Roselle juice / tea

The first time I encountered this was on holiday in Egypt, which was the hottest place I’d been to then and I found this iced drink so refreshing and thist-quenching. In Thailand it’s called Naam Krajiab and is often available but tends to have lots of sugar added making it more a syrup. Roselle is a hibiscus and is very good for you it is high in Vitamin C amongst other things for more info on the health benefits click here. My friends mum who is diabetic was told to drink it, with no sugar added by a Thai herbalist and it seemed to help her.

Yesterday I picked these Roselles, the first this year, and today I made juice out of them. They are not actually the flowers, the flowers are delicate hibiscus flowers these seed pods form after the flowers. You just use the outer pettle-type part that is red and discard the seed pod in the middle. You can use them fresh or dry them to use later, the dried ones are a lot more concentrated as this basketful above would probably just make a handful of dried tea leaves. I used all the above, minus te seed pods, and added about one and a half litres of water and boiled for about 10 mins, covered, and allowed to cool down. Then I added 2tbsp of sugar, add as little as you can just to take the very sour edge off the juice. This makes quite a concentrated juice that you can water down more if you prefer, or just add lots of ice to your glass. The juice will keep for a few days in the fridge. You can also drink it hot as tea I like to add a cinnamon stick in if I am making tea. There are lots of other things that you can make with Roseele including jam so I am sure you will be seeing more as the season continues.



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