Hummus with Asian flavours

I decided to make some hummus to take to a friend’s house, but as I didn’t any Thahini I decided to play a little with the flavours and give a more Asian twist. It made good nibbles before an Asian BBQ.

I had some leftover cooked chickpeas, about 2 cups, equivalent to about a can. I stated by roasting about 3 tbsp of sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden. I put these in my food forces sore and gave them a whiz. Then I  fried 4 large cloves of garlic that I lightly crushed in about 3 tbsp of sesame oil as they started to go golden I added 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds and a tsp of curry power. I fried for a few more seconds and then put this in the food processor too with a pinch of rock salt and blended it together. Then I added the chickpeas and the juice of a small lime and blended it then I added water little buy little, continuing blending, until I got a smooth consistency. I then put it in a bowl and drizzled on some chilli sesame oil, just sesame oil with some roster chilli in it, and a sprinkle of Nigella / black cumin seeds. If you don’t have these use some black or white sesame seeds instead. Serve with crudités, corn chips, pittas or papadums.


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