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Some like it hot! Tom Yam vodka

This makes a great flavoured vodka tasting of Tom Yam soup. You can make a great ‘Some like it hot!’ Cocktail with it but adding it cold to the chilled juice of a fresh coconut. It must be the most healthy cocktail around!
To make the vodka either pour a little vodka out of a full bottle to make space for the flavourings ,or start with an a empty bottle and put the herbs etc in first then fill it with vodka, then add about 3 sticks of lemongrass and about 3 chillies crush them slightly with a pestle or a heavy knife to help let the flavours out. Next add a lime cut into segments, without the seeds, a couple of pieces of sliced galangal and about 4 kaffir lime leaves torn into lavish pieces. Then refill the bottle to the top with vodka and leave it for a few days for the flavours to develop. If you want the vodka to remain clear then only add the peel of the lime in slices.


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