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Mars bar vodka


We first had shots of this at Eat Me restaurant in Bangkok after dinner and loved it, after moving to Chiang Mai I’ve made it myself a few times, it’s very moreish! It’s similar to the chocolate orange vodka I made at Easter.

In a glass bowl above a pan of boling water I melted about 250g of Mars bars, stirring occasionally after they sated to melt. Once they had melted I poured some vodka, about 100ml out of a liter bottle, into the bowl and continued to heat it until it became smooth and  runny. Then I poured about 100 ml of vodka into an empty litre bottle, this will help to stop the chocolate mixture sticking to the bottom, then I poured in the chocolate mix through a funnel and put the cap on and shook the bottle to mix the vodka with the chocolate mixture. Then I topped up the bottle again with vodka until almost full and gave it a good shake. Once the mixture is combined you can fill the bottle. Leave it for a  couple of days, giving it a shake occasionally. Then put it in the freezer until you want to serve it.

mars vodka


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