Roselle gin

I am experimenting for Christmas, infusing Gin with Roselle. I will keep you posted on how it goes, it looks so pretty and now on the second day has a lot more colour already, but in case any one else wants to try. I used the ‘petals’ from 10 rosella ‘flowers’ (I know they aren’t technically flowers) and 150g of sugar putting them in a sterilised litre bottle then filling it with gin. Alternatively pour about some of the gin from a new bottle, add the roselle and sugar and top it up again, then you won’t need to sterilize the bottle! I then gave it a few shakes to help the sugar dissolve. Hopefully I will be able to leave it till Christmas!

It turned out very well and makes a beautiful, refreshing pink drink, with a subtle flavor, when mixed with soda and ice and served with a slice of lime. It’s also good on the rocks with a slice of lime.


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