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Clyde’s Christmas Spirit


I’ve been making this vodka infusion at Christmas for a few years now and it’s been called “Christmas in a glass”. It very easy but just takes some time for the flavours to infuse. You can also make it with white rum too.

In a pan warm about 4 heaped tbsp. of thick cut / dark (homemade style) marmalade to make it runny. Then using a funnel pour it either into an empty sterilized litre bottle, or a new liter bottle of vodka after removing about 100ml to make space for the additions. To this I add Christmas spices. A couple of sticks of cinnamon and a tsp. of cloves are the basics and depending on what you like you can add a small piece of nutmeg and or a star anise. Then I fill the bottle up with vodka. Leave it for a couple of weeks shaking occasionally and you will see the colours develop as the spices infuse with the vodka.  Put in the freezer a day or two before serving and serve in shot glasses, or make ‘Christmas bubbles’ put a shot of Christmas Spirit in a champagne flute and top it up with bubbles.


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