Okra fries

These make a yummy snack and are a great way to eat okra, which is really good for you, especially if you don’t like the gel that you get with some other ways of cooking it. I have lots of okra growing at the moment and this is one of the ways I like to cook it.

For one batch (as in the photo) I used about a dessert bowl full of okra and cut them lengthways into quarters then dried them in the sun for a couple of hours to remove any moisture, I am sure you could put them in a low oven for a while instead. Then in a mixing bowl I put about 3 tbsp of plain flour (you can use gram flour if you have it) and a tsp of ground indian spices, I used a mix of cumin and corriander seeds, or just use some curry powder. Then I tossed the okra in the flour mixture until covered and shook off the excess flour. Next I heated about 150mls of vegetable oil in a wok until hot then put the okra in, stirring so it cooked evenly. To help make them crisp I took the okra out of the oil a couple of times and allowed the oil to heat up again and then put them back in. I cooked them until they were golden brown and crisp. Then I drained  them and sprinkled them with some chilli flakes. You can serve them with some mango chutney and / or a squeeze of lime juice.


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