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Mince pie clouds

Pies 2

I find the deep-filled style mine pies too heavy and sweet, particularly here in Thailand and I prefer to make a lighter version using puff pastry and only a little mincemeat they are much lighter and are cloudlike. I use shop bought mincemeat (but this year my friend, Mela, has given me some of her homemade so I’m looking forward to that!) and shop bought puff pastry but making them fresh on the day you plan to eat them means these are way better than any shop bought pies.

I mix a jar of mincemeat with some finely chopped apple, one large apple and add a couple of tbsp. of brandy. Then I roll out my puff pastry and cut it into squares / rectangles about  cms I like them to come out different shapes so I’m not precise about this. Then I put about a tsp of the mincemeat mixture on the pasty, on one side, you don’t need much otherwise it will all ooze out, and then put some milk on the edges and fold the pastry over to make a turn over. I make some oblongs and some triangles. I then use a fork to seal the edges and prick the top and put them on a baking tray, covered in baking parchment. I then ‘paint’ the top with a little milk and put them in a hot oven (200 degrees C / 400 F) and bake them until they puff up and are golden brown (about 12 mins). I then let them cool on a wire rack while I make the next batch. I pile these in a big bowl and dust with icing sugar. They’re perfect with a glass of mulled wine!


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