Mulled wine


This goes perfectly with mince pies and fills the house with lovely spicy festive aromas.

Frist I stud two or three oranges with cloves and put them in a saucepan with a couple of sticks of cinnamon and a few star anise. I also add some roselle flowers if I have them. I then put in a couple of cups of water and about a half a cup (or just over) of brown sugar and simmer this for about 10 mins so the flavours start to come out in the water. I then add about 2 litres / 3 bottles of red wine and two or three good slugs of brandy and warm the mulled wine through, you can taste it and add more brandy / sugar depending on your taste. You can then sere it or leave it for a couple of hours to ‘mull’ and warm it up again before serving. It’s lovey to keep it warm beside an open fire and then people can help themselves to more whenever they need a top up. Don’t let the wine get too hot / boil as the alcohol will evaporate!


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