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Roast cauliflower


I have been waiting for cauliflowers to come into season here so that I would have a perfect specimen to roast, an article I saw on the New York Times website yesterday reminded me, and early this morning I found one at the market sold by a farmer who said, without me asking, that she didn’t used chemicals.

It’s very easy. I heated the oven to 200 degrees C / 400 F and in a pestle and mortar crushed a garlic clove, added some sea salt, pepper corns and a couple of pinches of cumin seeds and ground them together. Then I added a couple of good slugs of olive oil and a squeeze of lime juice and mixed this all together. You can used the herbs and spices of your choice. I took the leaves off the cauliflower and rinsed it then I basted it in the olive oil mixture and put it on an oven-proof dish and put it in oven for about an hour and a half until it was brown and a little charred (more so than in the picture above is fine). The cooking time will vary depending on the size of your cauliflower, mine was about 18 cms across, you can insert a sharp knife into the centre to make sure it is cooked through. If you want a faster dish then break the cauli. into florets it will still taste good but won’t look quite as impressive, or you can blanch / steam your cauli. first to speed things up. I served it with stewed lentils and fondant potatoes.


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