Veggie mains

Leftovers veggie stew


I often make stews or soups from leftover vegetables. I recently made a great soup from some leftover stilton cauliflower cheese and some leftover roast potatoes which I blended together with some vegetable stock. The pre-cooked, particularly roasted, veggies give a great depth of flavor. The beauty too is that a stew or soup will seem quite different from the original meal so you don’t feel like you are eating a bowl of leftovers.

Today I’ve made a stew from some leftover roast cauliflower and stewed lentils which already had herbs and veggies in them. I also had a few fondant / roast potatoes that I added to the pot along with some fried mushrooms and some hot water. I just added some fresh dill and  simmered everything together for about 15 mins. Leave the veggies in larger chunks for a stew and cut them smaller or blend them together and add more liquid for a soup. So easy and hearty. I’ve made some cheese scones to go with it too.



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