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Apple & roselle crumble


Fruit crumbles are so much easier than pies to make and are pretty versatile you can use whatever fruits are in season. They remind me of winter Sunday lunches with blackberry & apple and rhubarb crumbles standing out in my memories.  Here I’m using the last of my roselles with apples and, I’ve added some sultanas and spices too to make it even more yummy. I like to add oats to my crumble mix as they give it a great nutty flavour.

I stared by stewing a small cupful roselle calyxes (petals) in a little water. To this I added a tsp of freshly ground cinnamon and cloves and about 3 tbsp of sugar and simmered for about 10 mins until they began to soften. (The amount of sugar you add to the fruit depends on how sweet the fruit you are using is, roselles are quite sour.) Then I added a handful of sultanas and 4 apples, cored and cut into chunks, and simmered these for about 5 mins until the apples just started to cook, you don’t want them to fully cook at this stage. Then I put the fruit in a baking dish. You can use on large dish or make 6 individual crumbles in ramekins. Then pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees C / 400 F.

To make enough crumble to serve six put 150g of plain (all purpose) flour in a mixing bowl and add 75g of cold butter cut into cubes. With your fingers rub the butter into the flour. It will will form a breadcrumb like consistency, don’t over mix it. Then add 50g oats and most of 75g sugar (reserving a tbsp or two) mix this together then sprinkle it over the fruit and put the crumbles in the oven. A large crumble will take about 35 mins to cook, and individual ones will take about 20 mins. It should be brown on the top and the fruit should be bubbling below the crumble. Serve hot with custard or warm with vanilla ice cream. Any leftover crumble is good for breakfast with plain yoghurt.


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