Bubble ‘n’ squeak


A great way to use up leftover mashed potato and cabbage. It’s a great comfort food with a soft creamy centre and a crispy outside. Perfect served as part of a fry up with fried eggs etc.

I start by mixing together leftover, cooled, creamy, mashed potato with about half the quantity of cooked drained cabbage. My mash already had chopped spring onions in it too. Then I put a reasonable amount of vegetable oil in a non-stick frying pan. Once the oil is hot add a knob of butter (optional) and allow to melt. The bottom of the pan needs to be covered in oil / butter. Then put in the potato mix and spread it out so it’s 2-3 cm thick. You should divide it into rough patties at this stage as this will make it easier to turn.  Fry at a medium to hot heat, after a minute or two turn the patties over trying to scrape up any crispy potato from the frying pan as you do so. Initially the potato may stick a bit but as it cooks it will come together more as long as you don’t leave cooked bits stuck to the pan. Don’t turn it too often otherwise it will fall apart and won’t get a crispy outside. Cook a couple of times on each side until the outside is golden and crispy, you don’t want it burnt but you do want it well done.


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