MLT sandwich



I felt like having a veggie burger for lunch but couldn’t be bothered to make any so decided to have a hearty sandwich instead. I made this MLT (mushroom, lettuce and tomato) sandwich in a few minutes and it hit the spot, a nice substantial sandwich! Grilled king oyster mushrooms are great as if you do them right you will have both crispy and juicy bits.

I sliced two large king oyster mushrooms lengthways and put them on a hot griddle with a little olive oil salt and pepper. They need to be pretty well cooked so a couple of minutes or so on each side. While they were cooking a sliced a couple of pieces of fresh bread and went into the garden and picked some lettuce and tomatoes. I put some Mayo on the bread and some mustard then lay a few lettuce leaves on the bottom slice, then I put on some sliced tomatoes and when the mushrooms were done I lay them on top, I had two layers going in opposite direction which see,ed to help hold the sandwich together. Then I put the other piece of bread on top. So easy and so good!


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