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Pancake cake


This is the perfect cake for Shrove Tuesday. It’s made of layers of pancakes sandwiched together with whipped cream and lemon curd with a drizzle of strawberry and passion fruit compote between each layer. This will make 12 – 16 portions.

I started by making a triple batch of my basic pancake recipe. I put this to one side and made a compote with about 600g strawberries and a pulp of about 10 passion fruit and about 100g sugar. Once this was boiled down and quite thick I left it to cool. Next I started making my pancakes in a 25cm diameter non-stick frying pan see instructions in my pancake recipe. As I made them I piled them up on a plate. The mixture made 14 large pancakes. I left these to cool too.

Next I whipped up about 300ml of whipping cream until it was quite thick and then I whipped in a pot of lemon curd. Then I assembles the cake by putting a pancake on a large plate and then I smeared the cream mixture over it and drizzled on some of the compote. I kept doing this until all the pancakes were used up. I stored it in the fridge until I was ready to serve it and dusted it with icing sugar and decorated it with fresh strawberries.




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