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Fruit lassi / smoothie


This is basically breakfast in a glass. It’s a great way to start the day and get plenty of seasonal fruit. I wasn’t going to post this as it’s so simple but whenever I put a smoothie / lassi on Instagram it seems to get lots of attention!

I peel and chop the fruit I am using into my blender. Today I used 1 smallish mango, two small bananas, 3 passion fruit, two in the smoothie and one on top and the juice of some strawberries I’d stewed the other day. I also often put in avocado ( the one I planned to used today had gone off!). Then I put in two heaped tbsp. natural yoghurt. If there is any whey (liquid) on the top of the yoghurt I pour that in first. Then I cover the fruit in liquid either milk, fruit juice or coconut water and blend it. I don’t measure things but it always fills a big 500ml glass. Most blenders have a measure on the jug so you can use this. I then put the pulp of a passion fruit and some of the strawberry juice on top. If I’m using less sweet fruit I sometimes drizzle some honey on top.


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