Something fruity, Something sweet

Rum laced tropical fruit salad and syllabub

Syllabub is an English dessert made from a mixture of cream and alcohol that’s about 500 years old, so can’t be bad. I remember as a child on holidays in Devon going to a local farm to buy fresh produce, my parents would get themselves syllabub but we had alcohol free yoghurt instead. We were allowed to taste the forbidden fruit and it was delicious! Traditionally it’s made with cider or sweet wine but this version is made with a great locally made, small batch rum called ‘Three Monkeys’ which I thought would work better with my tropical fruit salad. It’s a boozy dessert, your sweet and after dinner drink all in one!  This will make 10 – 12 servings.

You need to start by infusing the alcohol with citrus fruit and sugar. I used a lemon (you can use a couple of lines) and grated the zest of both into a bowl to which I added the juice and 5 tbsp. of sugar I mixed these up and then added 200ml of rum and covered it. (If you don’t want it so strong just reduce the rum to 150mls.)  I left it for a few hours stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolved. You can leave it overnight if you prefer. I then made some roasted coconut to sprinkle on top of the desserts. I grated about 100g of coconut flesh and put it in the sun for a few hours to dry out then sprinkled it with a tsp. of icing sugar and toasted it in the oven  at 125 degrees C / 250 F until it started to go golden brown. You can do the whole process in the oven adding the sugar one it starts drying out, or buy some desiccated coconut but it will be finer and sweeter.

The next step is making the fruit salad use whatever fruit you have in season. Here in Thailand we are coming into a great time of year for fruit so in a bowl I chopped 2 mangos, 3 bananas,  a bowl of strawberries, 6 sapodillas to this I added the pulp of 6 passion fruit, 100ml of rum and 2 tbsp. of muscovado sugar and a grating of fresh ginger (about a tbsp.) and mixed everything together. I put the fruit salad in a container in the fridge for an hour while I made the syllabub. Simply mix the infused rum with 700mls of whipping cream and beat with an electric whisk until it reaches soft peaks. Assemble the dessert by spooning fruit salad and it’s juice into glasses, you want this to make up about half, or just over, the quantity of the dessert. Then spoon on the syllabub. You can now sprinkle on some toasted coconut and  garnish with a couple of mint leaves and serve immediately, or cover the glasses with clingfilm and put them in the fridge and then top them with the coconut and mint just before serving. You might have some syllabub left, it’s also good with baked bananas or caramelised pineapple too.






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