Crunchy fennel & radish salad

This was my raid the fridge / garden dinner last night and it turned out very well so I’m sharing it. Perfect dinner for one in 10 minutes.

I stared by making some croutons, fry a slice or two of bread in a little olive oil and a pinch of salt until golden brown,add a crushed clove of garlic if you like. Allow to cool while you make the salad. I poured a tablespoon or so of olive oil and a tsp. of sherry vinegar (or lemon juice) into the bottom of the bowl added a pinch of salt and mixed this together. I then thinly sliced a bulb of fennel and a couple of radishes and cur a tomato into chunks and added these to the bowl and gave it a mix. I added a few lettuce and rocket leaves, my croutons and some Parmesan shavings and mixed everything up. I then transferred mine to a seeing bowl, putting the salad leaves in first then piling everything else on top, and sprinkled over some ground black pepper and some fennel leaves.

I made it today again for lunch and added some lightly cooked green beans and topped it with a poached egg which really makes it into a meal.





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